[20/04/2017] Global shrimp production in 2016 hit by high prices and diseases (Source: Far Eastern Agriculture)

FAO’s latest Globefish report has revealed that global production of farmed shrimp in 2016 remained stagnant, or even fell, compared to the year before owing to lower international prices and outbreaks of disease in a few leading producing countries...(Read More...)

[09/03/2017] Ongoing Outbreak of Illnesses Linked to Raw & Undercooked B.C. Oysters (Source: Aquaculture Directory)
The Public Health Agency of Canada is collaborating with federal and provincial public health partners to investigate norovirus and gastrointestinal illnesses in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario linked to raw and undercooked oysters...(Read More...)

[20/01/2017] Entry into force of three Distant Water Fisheries Related Laws Requiring Industry’s Full Compliance (Source: COA)

The Act for Distant Water Fisheries, the amended Act to Govern Investment in the Operation of Foreign Flag Fishing Vessels, the revised articles of the Fisheries Act...(Read More...)

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