Genetics and Breeding Tools|Aquaculture Taiwan | Oct 31-Nov 2, 2019

Genetics and Breeding Tools
■ Fish fry, shrimp seed, larval rearing and seed production of crabs, other aquatic fry
■ Genetics and breeding of freshwater species, stock improvement in aquaculture
■ Hatchery technology:
Hatchery & larvae management, spawning tools, fish breeder stock and genetic materials, fish larvae-culture

■ Live Feeds for aquatic fry:
Rotifer stock culture, saltwater rotifers, L (brachionus plicatilis) or S (brachionis rotundiform)-type rotifers, artemia nauplii, nereid

■ Rotifer culturing supplies and equipment: 
Culture vessel, growout tanks of rotifer, compact culture system, dosing pump, dosing pump tubing, air line pumps, ammonia and chlorine neutralizer, floc removal, timer, rotifer counting slide, harvest sieve, ammonia test kits, oxygen concentrators, rotifer feeds


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