Recirculating Aquaculture Technology |Aquaculture Taiwan | Oct 31-Nov 2, 2019

Recirculating Aquaculture Technology

■ Fish tanks: 
Polyethylene tank, fiberglass tank, plastic lined tank, steel tanks
■ Mechanical filtration: 
Solids removal (fecal material and uneaten feeds), biofiltration (ammonia removal), oxygenation (dissolve gas control)
■ Oxygen System: 
Airflow, air stone, air valve
■ Seawater and fresh water RAS
■ Feed system
■ Automatic Drum Filter
■ Protein Skimmer
■ Composite Degassing Sterilizer
■ Ozone Generator
■ Residual Ozone Remover
■ Water pumps
■ Electric control box

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