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​​​​[16/12/2019] [News]
International programs are essential to promote the export of Brazilian technologies to world markets that seek to expand their agricultural activity

The advances of national agribusinesses in the last decade recorded in the 2017 Agricultural Census, recently published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), reinforce Brazil's potential to contribute to economic and social development in nations with agricultural characteristics similar to Brazil, in particular Africa and Latin America. In 2017, 77% of agricultural establishments in Brazil were classified as family farms, an aspect similar to these countries...(Read More...)

​​​​[16/12/2019] [News]
Los programas internacionales son fundamentales para promover la exportación de tecnologías brasileñas a los mercados mundiales que buscan expandir su actividad agrícola

Los avances de los agronegocios nacionales en la última década registrados en el Censo Agrícola 2017, publicado recientemente por el Instituto Brasileño de Geografía y Estadística (IBGE), refuerzan el potencial de Brasil para contribuir al desarrollo económico y social en naciones con características agrícolas similares a Brasil, en particular África y América Latina. En 2017, el 77% de los establecimientos agrícolas en Brasil se clasificaron como granjas familiares, un aspecto similar a estos países...(Read More...)

[09/05/2019] The conference of high-end aquaculture technology cooperation between Taiwan and Vietnam (Source: Global Research)

Global Research and Industry Alliance of National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU GLORIA) is hosting a conference to introduce the high-end aquaculture technology of Taiwan to the Vietnamese aquaculture-related industries.....(Read More...)

[09/05/2019] The win-win situation for NTOU GLORIA and Shwe Pyi Aye (Source: Global Research)

The spawning time of the Alaska pollock- the target of the US' biggest fishery - has been affected by climate change and been found that it varied by as much as three weeks over the past three decades in the Gulf of Alaska....(Read More...)

[09/05/2019] GLORIA of National Taiwan Ocean University makes a splash in the aquaculture industry (Source: Global Research)

Taiwan has long been at the forefront of aquaculture research and development in the Asia Pacific region. Scientists of Taiwan have uncovered many aquaculture breeding, disease prevention and hatchery techniques that are used around the world today. New developments in ornamental fish, shrimp and giant grouper hatcheries lead the way in Asian aquaculture breeding and brood stock technology......(Read More...)

[28/11/2018] Warmer climate causing Alaska pollock to spawn earlier, study finds (Source: efeedlink)

The spawning time of the Alaska pollock- the target of the US' biggest fishery - has been affected by climate change and been found that it varied by as much as three weeks over the past three decades in the Gulf of Alaska....(Read More...)

[02/11/2018] Turning the tide in Asia with aquaculture (Source: SeaWestNews)

Southeast Asia Fisheries and Aquaculture Initiative, is helping drive sustainable seafood production in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Myanmar...(Read More...)

[29/01/2018] Vietnam shrimp prices stable in December (Source: efeedlink)

Shrimp prices fluctuated only slightly in December according to the shrimp size due to the sufficient supply and the reduction of EU and US market demand. In Soc Trang and Bac Lieu province, prices of giant tiger prawn for size 20 pcs per kilogram ranged from VND240,000 (US$10.63) to VND245,000 (US$10.85)...(Read More...)

[20/04/2017] Global shrimp production in 2016 hit by high prices and diseases (Source: Far Eastern Agriculture)

FAO’s latest Globefish report has revealed that global production of farmed shrimp in 2016 remained stagnant, or even fell, compared to the year before owing to lower international prices and outbreaks of disease in a few leading producing countries...(Read More...)

[09/03/2017] Ongoing Outbreak of Illnesses Linked to Raw & Undercooked B.C. Oysters (Source: Aquaculture Directory)
The Public Health Agency of Canada is collaborating with federal and provincial public health partners to investigate norovirus and gastrointestinal illnesses in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario linked to raw and undercooked oysters...(Read More...)

[20/01/2017] Entry into force of three Distant Water Fisheries Related Laws Requiring Industry’s Full Compliance (Source: COA)

The Act for Distant Water Fisheries, the amended Act to Govern Investment in the Operation of Foreign Flag Fishing Vessels, the revised articles of the Fisheries Act...(Read More...)

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