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Smart Farming

Booth No.:F69
Product Name:PH monitoring (PH6000)
Product Information:It can measure PH value in aquaculture or any career which need monitering water quality. It has 3 relays and 2 currents output for monitoring and control. With a RS485 communication is easy to transport and collect the data. Moreover, we provide multi-language so can operate easier.

Booth No.:F69
Product Name:DO monitoring (PDO6000)
Product Information:It can measure DO value in aquaculture or any career which need monitering water quality. It has 3 relays and 2 currents output for monitoring and control. With a RS485 communication is easy to transport and collect the data. Moreover, we provide multi-language so can operate easier.

Booth No.:F69
Product Name:EC monitoring (EC6000)
Product Information:It can measure EC, resistivity, salinity and TDS value in aquaculture or any career which need monitering water quality. It has 3 relays and 2 currents output for monitoring and control. With a RS485 communication is easy to transport and collect the data. Moreover, we provide multi-language so can operate easier.

Booth No.:E76
Product Name:iFISH
Product Information:FuChen Automatic Control is the leader of Smart System Integration Company. In recent years, we developed  iFish 4.0 the smart monitoring system by implement industry system integration. Awarded the National invention patent #I571229.Depend on the system integration technology, iFish 4.0 Smart System have “dissolved oxygen in water“ monitoring、water wheel smart control、water quality control expert such fine reputation in the market. Monitoring oxygen for Fisheries is critical, extreme weather, Amount of Feeding. Substratum may influence to dissolved. iFish 4.0 smart monitoring system may control the water wheel operation period and speed accordingly monitoring dissolved Oxygen in Water’s result. Furthermore, the remote control with water quality pre-warning. In oder to save time、labor and cost for a great benefit.

Booth No.:E70
Product Name:eKoral Smart Aquaculture System
Product Information:Our Smart Aquaculture system includes a main controller, various sensors, a communication module, a touch screen display and cloud services to help manage your aquaculture using science and technology. When an abnormality is detected alerts will be sent out to owners and corresponding devices will be triggered to resolve the issue immediately. Moreover, schedules can be setup so that devices can be triggered on to perform repeating tasks daily. Let the move towards Smart Aquaculture begin!

Monitor Your Aquaculture!
Monitor various environmental parameters of your aquaculture continuously by connecting corresponding sensors (pH, EC, ORP, DO, temperature) to the controller. You may also add a level sensor to keep track of the water level as well!

Automatic Control
Using our app will allow users to remote access many devices in their aquaculture and setup rules and schedules to automate various tasks. As a result, it can help reduce the time and effort to manage an aquaculture and improve yields.

Applied Field
Crab Box, Murray Cod Aquaculture and Clown Fish Nursery

Booth No.:E70
Product Name:eKoral Smart Horticulture System
Product Information:
Utilizing IoT technologies to integrate environmental parameters sensors and smart devices into a Smart Horticulture System that offers an automation solution to improve quality and maximize yields for your crops.

Customization to Fit Your Needs

eKoral sets out to provide a wireless environment monitoring solution that can be fully modularize and fully customizable according to the user's need.

Automate Your Growing Process
Automatically trigger assigned device to restore optimal growing environment base on monitored parameters and dedicated schedule. Save on time and manual labor cost.

Water pH, Water Electrical Conductivity, Temperature, Air Pressure, Air Humidity, LUX, CO2, Soil Electrical Conductivity, Soil Humidity

Booth No.:E75
Product Name:
Product Information:
1. Industrial Grade Integrated Modular Design - Easy to install and repair
2. Support for wirless transmission - NBIOT、4.5G、4G、3G、2G、GPRS、WIFI
3. Self-device check function - ensure information transmission stability
4. Sensor protection sleeve - ensures stable operation of the sensor
5. Power protection mechanism - power outage operation, high current impact
6. Moisture and condensate drainage mechanism
7. It can be moved as needed to detect points carry water model floating boat

Booth No.:E75
Product Name:
Product Information:
1. We provide all power equipment for control(analog, digital). Ex. Intelligent waterwheel speed control, feed delivery control, water gate control, etc.
2. Flexible increase of automatic control components.
3. Up to 19 thousand sets of power equipment can be controlled simultaneously.
4. It can detect the voltage and current of the device, and alert and stop the power device if abnormality.
5. It can be set without changing the current switchboard.


Booth No.:E75
Product Name:
Product Information:
1. Self-developed cloud management analysis system.
2. Cloud integrated data collection, storage, and analysis services.
3. Remote real-time data monitoring display.
4. Remote instant device control.
5. Automatic dual-way control mechanism - single point control / group control / association control.
6. Simple operation interface.
7. Historical information query and analysis chart.
8. Image type Human-Computer Interface.
9. Feeding log - Compliance Traceable Agricultural product(TAP) - water quality inspection / feed feeding / harvest management etc.
10. Regional weather forecast.
11. Big data relevance analysis.
12. AI module establishment.

Booth No.:E74
Product Name:
Product Information:
■Automated monitoring system: Automated IoT sensor, uninterrupted monitoring, reduces time and cost of manpower operation.
■High environmental adaptability: High reliability and suitable for any aquaculture environment, applicable to fresh or saline water. 
■Automatic calibration: Before each test the instrument will automatically calibrate to achieve high accuracy and stable analysis. 
■Real-time data display: Immediate display of parameter values through software (smart phone, pad, and computer)
■Analysis customization: The equipment is scalable and therefore the parameters and the number of analysis can be customized according to customer necessities.
■Real-time Notification: Provides short alert notifications upon detection of irregular parameter values;problem can be noted immediately. 
■Builds big data: Complete data collection for analysis and export improves farming profitability.
■Approved patent: Remote water quality monitoring system.

Booth No.:E72
Product Name:
Product Information:
QAM300-DE is powered by solar cell continuously monitors temperature, pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), dissolved oxygen and salinity of pond waters and periodically sends the measured data to cloud and clients in real time by 3G/4G network、WiFi or LoRa .

The farmers already benefited by getting advance alerts to prevent potential loss, accessing to data from the cloud for their day to day management, and imposing traceability for food safety. 
Features : 
1. Quality of water is monitor continously by on-line sensors instead of handheld.
2. Alert will be sent to users by voice & SMS if any abnormal condition happens, it can minimize the damage on rapid and extreme climate change, especially.
3. Breeding customization, high scalability. Various sensors can be selected depending on customer request.
4. Waterproof grade IP68, high reliability and application to any aquaculture environment.
5. With biological anti-fouling device on the sensor, data accuracy is approved by SGS.
6. Raw data can be analyzed and exported, which can build breeding history and Big data efficiently.

Booth No.:E72
Product Name:
Product Information:
QAM300-OC can monitor & control the equipments of aquaculture which include aerator, pumping motor, blowser or feeding machine. It also can work with QAM300-DE to paddle the water only when oxygen in water is insufficient to save the electricity cost and/or with autofeeder to feed fish only when necessary to save the fish food cost and environment.

Features :
1. Save energy consumption by 30-50%.
2. Monitor the electric current of aerator, it will send alert and will start protection mechanism to user automatically no matter power leakage, phase failure, overloading or heavy drag happens.
3. Remote monitor & control for various machines at the same time,
a.220VAC (1PH) X 1 (Feeding machine)
b.220VAC (3PH) X 5 (Aerator, pumping motor or blower)
c.12VDC X 2 to 4 (Camera Lens)

Booth No.:F71
Product Name:
Product Information:
♦With 6 sets AI input, expendable to 30 output channels
♦Convenient to manage: no need APP, direct monitoring via the web
♦Set up channels with Chinese names, multiple languages interface available
♦Set up channels in name/measurement range/unit/bias/slope/HH/H/L/LL alarm
♦Set up 20s mobile numbers, 2-stage group management
♦SIM card-automatically browse installing /searching/service status in dynamic graphing
♦Historical/trend charts and data display and download from USB via the web

Booth No.:E66
Product Name:
Product Information:"Size Measurement Device" is a device in which image processing and AI (Artificial intelligence) are cooperated to measure the length of a creature, and the weight thereof is estimated according to length. The idea herein is to allow the user to access the length and weight of creatures without disturbing them, thus reducing the problem of excessive stress and even death imposed on the creature under measurement. Currently, the device can be used for the estimation of the length of fish. A historical growth curve of fish can be obtained with continuous recording of such length data for a period of time, and when used together with the feeding consumption, both the Feed Conversion Rate (FCR) and the loss of the feed can be indirectly estimated. By simply adjusting the deep network model using properly labeled data, this fish length estimation technique can be easily tailored for estimation of the length of other organisms (e.g., whiteleg shrimp).

Booth No.:E66
Product Name:
Product Information:"Activity Grading" is a device using image processing and AI to grade activity for animals. It is designed to perform real-time activity grading for a single school of animals, thus assisting the user to quickly determine if the animal is suffered from a disease, thus enabling early treatment and diffusion control. This activity grading technique can be easily tailored to the development of behavior analysis algorithms in the future for applications in breeding and selection for.

Booth No.:E66
Product Name:
Product Information:The wireless communication method is used to integrate the information of the equipment on the ocean and upload it to the network in real time. It is an IoT wireless communication system with system monitoring and control data. The integrated subsystem includes the underwater sensor group and 4 cameras. Monitoring data and controling commands for the group and the settlement system, monitoring data and controling commands for the feeding system, and monitoring data for the rotorcraft system. After completing system, all the data in the network system can be accessed into the cloud system through the Internet. There will be great benefits for the collection of information on cage culture.

Booth No.:G75
Product Name:Online Optical DO Sensor
Product Information:
DO is one of the significant standards of the water's self-purification. Based on fluorescence quenching, Our ODO sensor can calculate DO amount in water accurately with our own sensor membrane. 
ODO sensor which based on fluorescence method doesn’t consume oxygen, can’t be disturbed by sulfide and water flow, besides, stirring is absolutely unnecessary. 

Less maintenance
Real-time online data transmission, self-cleaning brush and temperature’s auto-compensation, decreases the necessity of manual manipulation severely. 

High stability, high accuracy 
Comparative circuit and optical system which designed for the probe solved the problem of parts-aging, in this way, the probe can work accurately and stably. 

Cap works longer
Fluorescence reaction consumes less energy, and the sensor cap can work one year long.

Booth No.:G75
Product Name:Online pH Sensor
Product Information:

Electrode (Round Bulb)
pH combination electrode is changable.
Power supply isolation.
Water-proof connector, easy to install.
Real time on line monitoring.
RS-485, modbus Protocal.

Booth No.:E70
Product Name:Online 4-electrode Conductivity  Sensor
Product Information:
Conductivity sensor is widely used around power sector, chemistry industry, environmental protection field, food safety field and marine studies.
Our sensor increases a pair of driven electrodes, which can effectively avoid deviation and drift caused by polarization of electrode. Besides, we designed the conductance cell inside the sensor, so the maintenance intervals are much longer.
Quick response, accurate measurement, reliable values, easy to handle;
Very weak signal can be measured, no polarization;
Wide range, medium and high conductivity are easy to measure;
Smooth surface, rare fouling, easy to clean;
Automatic temperature compensation;
PEEK, sturdy and durable, wide scope of application.

Aquaculture Equipment

Booth No.:A80
Product Name:Greatech Tri Lobe Roots Blower - G Type​
Product Information:Greatech Tri-Lobe Roots Blower provides more wind volume, has lower noise and vibration through professional processing. We choose materials with high standard to extend the operating life of the blower and transmission parts and also make the structure stronger.​

Booth No.:A80
Product Name:Greatech Tri Lobe Circulating Air Cooling Roots Blower - SdB  Type ​
Product Information:Circulating Air Cooling Roots Blower (SdB) is designed and manufactured only by Greatech Machinery Industrial. With coupling driven and totally enclosed design, the blower operates without belts and achieves extremely low noise and low vibration. With the wind tunnel, the suction air circulates to heat change and cool down the whole blower body and transmission parts. As a result, the user only needs to change gear oil once a year in normal operation. Greatech Circulating Air Cooling Roots Blower is not only suitable for industrials, but also the best choice for places which need silence, such as hospitals and schools. ​

Booth No.:C66
Product Name:​Optifid
Product Information:
#Easy to use, one bag per ton of feed, improve incorporation accuracy and mixing homogeneity.
#Best formulation for optimum growth and performance.
#Contains high-efficiency enzyme, that can increase nutrients utilization and reduce feed cost.
#Contains various probiotics, that can regulate gut flora and enhance immunity, decrease diarrhea and keep animals healthier.
#Best utilized and absorbed Mineral-Amino Acid Complex.

Booth No.:C66
Product Name:​Optifid/Young Piglets
Product Information:
#Mineral-Amino Acid Complex can help to make piglet's skin and hair shiny and clean.
#Best enzyme formulation enables piglets grow chubby and healthy.
#Decrease the usage of inorganic minerals amount to and reduce cause of nutritional diarrhea.
#Special attractant increase feed intake.
#Balanced micro-nutrition, improve survival rate, vitality, growth performance, uniformity and immunity.

Booth No.:C66
Product Name:Optifid/Grower
Product Information:
#Best micro- nutrition to accumulate growth potential.
#Mineral-Amino Acid Complex facilitate enzyme system to operate normally.
#Mineral-Amino Acid Amino Acid Complex decrease the amount of heavy metal in manure.
#Best enzyme formulation improve FCR and decrease odor.

Booth No.:G40
Product Name:Clear pvc pipe and fittings
Product Information:Size: 1/2'' - 6''  Standard: ASTM SCH40   Operating temperature : 0 ~ 55℃
Typical applications : double containment, sight glass, aquarium,etc.
Excellent transparency & leakage monitoring, Good electrical resistance
Low friction loss, Cost effective, Easy installation & light weight, Guaranteed quality & life-span​

Booth No.:G40
Product Name:UPVC SCH 80 pipe and fittings
Product Information:

Booth No.:G40
Product Name:UPVC/EPDM Butterfly Valve
Product Information:

Booth No.:F73
Product Name:
Product Information:Low cost, zero consumables, Collect 0.5 mm particles
Feature:  The filtration efficiency can reach 85%~90%. According to the research data, there are more than 5,000 plastic fragments and particles per square meter in the coastal area of Taiwan, and 4200 pieces can be received through the device.

Booth No.:F73
Product Name:
Product Information:Simple, Effective and low cost: This sewage equipment can remove bottom sludge,exclude excessive bait and feces,excessive organic matter at the bottom of the pool to avoid algal blooms.

Booth No.:F73
Product Name:
Product Information:Filter the front sludge, algae, and replace the purification tank with equipment.

Booth No.:D76
Product Name:
Product Information:This product generates micro bubbles, which effectively increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the culture pond. It can also efficiently accelerate the degradation of harmful substances in the water (such as toxic gases, nitrous acid, ammonia, etc.). Oxygen is continuously circulated through water exchange from the top to the bottom of the pond, creating a healthier environment for the fish-shrimp culture pond.

Booth No.:F02
Product Name:​Nutrient solution & hygiene inspection equipment
Product Information:
1. ATP wiping inspection equipment
2. Nutrient solution inspection equipment
 Easy measurement of major components in solution(PH,EC,NO3,K,Na)
3. Radiation monitor
    Radiation measurement equipment that can be easily measured by anyone,anywhere.

Booth No.:F02
Product Name:​Large scale offshore aquaculture
Product Information:
1. A system consisting of automatic feeding equipment, seabed feeding pipes, and large floating fish preserves
2. Enables labor saving and large scale in unused offshore areas.

Booth No.:F67
Product Name:​Aquaculture Modules
Product Information:
Including fry, feed, aquaculture materials, probiotics, aquaculture production planning, processing, monitoring, etc., could be sold separately or exported modularly.

Booth No.:F67
Product Name:​KB-002 PADDLE WHEEL
Product Information:Features: 
●New design for lower power consumption-
TAI-YIH SUN low power consumption paddle wheel made by many years of researching & designing the latest energy saving to produce the same Q'TY of dissolved oxygen and the same length of water flow compare generally-purpose paddle wheel. (the old type) with saving 25% ~ 30% power consumption.

●High efficiency and long life -
TAI-YIH SUN low power consumption gear based on the use of helical gear, and bevel gear to have the most labor-saving function and produce the greatest torque. so that TAI-YIH SUN paddle wheel operating can be more labor saving and power saving at the same time to increase efficiency and longer machine life.

Booth No.:G02
Product Name:​Aquaculture Aerator​
Product Information:BLDCM energy-saving design, reducing the cost of farming, solving the problem of voltage instability in low-developing countries, saving nearly 40% of electricity costs.

Booth No.:J33
Product Name:Blower 
Product Information:

˙LOW NOISE :Low noise level due to slow R.RM.                   
˙Longer duty life and easy maintenance due to solid structure slow RPM.    
˙Adjustable lubricate oil drop nozzle and oil recycle tank makes very low oil consumption. 
˙Low oil level sensor design can alarm or stop the motor from the control panel.        

Feed Machinery

Booth No.:H73
Product Name:Single screw extruder AHSK-215
Product Information:Target group Aqua feed and  Pet food industry. Compact design and hygienic body provide optimal solution. Adjustable mixing time can optimized conditioning. Hydraulic screw remove with minimum downtime. Density control device can online change the expansion rate.

Booth No.:H73
Product Name:Pellet mill AHHB-530
Product Information:Compact design with single motor, specially for aqua feed industry. Belt drive and die hoop structure, high efficiency transmission. The three adjustable cutter structure can guarantee uniform pellet size and apperance.

Booth No.:H73
Product Name:Dryer SmartFeed
Product Information:Drying uniformly with unifrom air flow. Re-circulated air and humidity control for lower energy consumption. Hygienic design for easy maintenance. Long lifetime even over 20 years used.

Booth No.:E69
Product Name:Extruder
Product Information:Taiwan Soon Strong Machinery developed ø 0.5 mm (dies) floating fish feeds extruder in the world.
The Extruder can do production in continuous without dies blocking and running for 8 hours. This tiny feeds product is suitable feeding on Tropical fish, shrimp larval and etc.
Taiwan Soon Strong Machinery Extruder can do various products in one machine. The Extruder parts are made in precision casting and hard-wearing alloy steel. It can be fitted with user various products requirement and machine durable using.

Booth No.:L59
Product Name: 
Product Information:YM pellet mill desiged to suit local condition and meet your criteria of save and smooth operation, low maintenance cost, less wear parts, easy to operate, perfcet lubrication system, bigger and better production throughtput.


Booth No.:L59
Product Information:Extruder is a versatile machine utilizing mixing, homogenizing, shaping, cutting and filling operations to process a product.
Homogenization and restructuring of unattractive ingredients
Heating/cooking ingredients to improve digestibility of starch, deactivate toxic and anti-nutrition factors (ANF)
Agglomerating ingredients into discrete pieces
Controlling product density, as in preparation of sinking or floating fish feeds, pet feeds or extrusion feeds.


Booth No.:L59
Product Name:YMHM-2731 FINE GRINDER
Product Information:▪Suitable for fish feed. 
▪Heavy duty bearing.
▪Two way of feeding direction. 
▪PID temperature sensor.
▪RPM: 1500 & 3000


Booth No.:L59
Product Information:▪Automatically temperature controlled by PID.  
▪Accurately control water content percentage in final product and reduce waste of steam.  
▪Drying air is recycled to reduce energy consumption and save steam usage.
▪Material is distributed even automatically.


Booth No.:L59
Product Name:PULVERIZER 
Product Information:▪YM pulverizer uses parctical design principals that give better particle-size control and enable to produce a finer range of particles. 
▪Easy to operate.
▪No skilled techincian required. 
▪No costly wear cpmponents.


Booth No.:L59
Product Name:YMSVC-19*19 SWIVEL COOLER 
Product Information: ▪Multipurpose discharge system handles almost any product. 
 ▪ Hydraulic cylinder driving discharger.
▪Anti-bridging or blocking of products without damaging while discharging.
▪A stationary or rotating product distributor to distribute product inside the cooler.
▪Hi-Lo level sensors to initiate discharging and send an alarm in case of overflow.


Feed Additives

Booth No.:C70
Product Name:​Astaxanthin
Product Information:
An especially great pigment for salmon, trout, bass, shrimp and ornamental fishes for skin, fillet and egg color enhancement. It also has potential to improve the fertilization and hatching rate of animals.​

Booth No.:C70
Product Name:​Canthaxanthin
Product Information:A natural pigment with high antioxidant property. It is especially great for enhancing the color of the egg yolk and chicken skin.

Booth No.:C70
Product Name:​Zeaxanthin
Product Information:A natural yellow pigment with high antioxidant property. It delivers consistent and uniform color for ornamental fishes  skin.

Booth No.:A72
Product Name:​FSE Fisheries Bio Aid
Product Information:FSE Fisheries Bio Aid can improve fish growing speed and strengthen immunity. It uses the middle bone of Tilapia, which has ASC certification, as the raw materials, then mixing high density compound effective microorganisms (Yeast, Lactobacillus, Bacillus subtilis). After high temperature solid-state fermentation, FSE Fisheries Bio Aid is produced. Ingredients including high protein fish meal, natural fish bone meal, natural fish oil, natural grain, micromineral and so on.
Compared to other bio aid, FSE Fisheries Bio Aid symbiotic cultures natural nutrients and high temperature resistant compound bacteria in solid-state, so it has strong environmental resistance and activity, can store one year under room temperature.
With FSE Fisheries Bio Aid, fish wastes are less smelly, and the probiotics which are still alive in the fish wastes can help to improve the water quality.

Booth No.:A72
Product Name:​FSE Frozen Wet Feed
Product Information:The raw materials used by the FSE Frozen Wet Feed are made of under-utilized aquatic by-products (Tuna dark muscle, Tilapia Head, Marlin flake etc.) produced by DA-FA factory of the Company certified by the European Union A.S.C. Food grade of the safest raw materials.In addition, the commercialization of the product is a special addition of the company FSE Bio-additive, the experimental results confirmed that the advantages of this product can enhance the groin intestinal health, reduce liver fat and the liver to body weight ratio. Moreover, by the addition of probiotics and all kinds of trace elements can increase the utilization of grouper to wet feed, and thus improve the growth performance and feed efficiency.Furthermore , FSE probiotics will reduce the oxidation of fish pressure.

Booth No.:A22
Product Name:
Product Information:It is divided into five kinds of probiotics products for agricultural/animal/poultry/fishing/pigeon.
It is rich in multiple beneficial bacteria strains, vitamins and a variety of amino acids, reducing the risk of disease and death, reducing bad odor and improving meat quality, and also making the organism resistant to environmental changes, while also increasing digestion and improving immunity.

Booth No.:F16
Product Name:​Aquacultural Probiotics
Product Information:
● Purify water、increase dissolved oxygen
● Adjust the bacteria phase and PH value in water, and the water quality is more stable.
● Effectivily improve the smelly soil at the pond bottom.
● Promote early shelling of shrimps and crabs to help grow.
● Increase feed conversion rate of aquaculture animals
● Decompose drug residues, decrease toxicity of water
● Improve the cold resistance of aquaculture animals and reduce the death rate caused by cold current.
● Probiotics promote the growth of algae and decompose the organic residues that accumulate at the pond bottom.


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:​Innocreate Bioscience® Inno A1 Shrimp Feed Additive
Product Information: Innocreate Bioscience® Inno A1 Shrimp Feed Additive alleviates the infection of shrimp pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract for effective prevention and control of major shrimp diseases like WSSV. 
Inno A1 Shrimp Feed Additive is biological preparation without chemicals or antibiotics. It can be orally administered as feed additives. The product will not leave residues in shrimps. Experiments showed that usage of the product increases survival rate of cultured shrimps by 50-60% in a WSSV-challenged environment.



Booth No.:F67
Product Name:​Herbmedotcin
Product Information:The abuse of antibiotics has caused an increase in many drug-resistant bacteria which negatively affected modern human health, and at the same time caused huge losses in agricultural and fishery. Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, “Herbmedotcin” was synthesized from natural organic ingredients and “food-grade raw materials” with exclusive patented technology . Our research indicates that Herbmedotcin can effectively inhibit drug-resistant bacteria and common seen bacteria in aquaculture. Herbmedotcin is a broad-spectrum antibacterial agent with high level of biosafety, excellent salt-tolerance and is resistant to acid and high-temperature. 
After extensive field trials, it has been proven to be effective in promoting animal health and reducing the outbreak of infectious diseases. Farmers who actually use Herbmedotcin feed additives have increased their yield by more than 30-50% in the East Asian fourfinger threadfin, Tilapia, grouper and white shrimp, and can achieve antibiotics free, improve aquatic products and increase farmers' income. We believe that Herbmedotcin, a new generation of bacteriostatic agents, is an emerging product capable of replacing convential antibiotics.


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:​Probiotics Nutrient 
Product Information:With a variety of bacteria,which contain dozens of strains from every genera. Through the symbiotic culture, all strains in the product can play its individual strongest effect.



Solar Device

Booth No.:A66
Product Name:​Solar Motor Drive
Product Information:Built-in MPP tracker.
Automatic detection and control by 2 external sensors.
Wide suitability for driving water pump, aerator, industrial fan etc.
Fully automatic operation with protective functions for long service life.
Batteryless system capable of delivering max. available power even in low light conditions.

Booth No.:A66
Product Name:​
Product Information:Innovative Technology-Application for instantaneous self-consumption
PV system.
Auto Power Configurations-Automatically configure solar power & utility power to loads.
Wide Applicability-For industrial DC ventilation/cooling system,DC pumps and DC motors.
High Efficiency-Built-in advanced MPP tracking to max. solar power output.
Easily Installation-Compact size, wall-mounted and push-lock connection.
Friendly LCD Display-Available for real-time array performance monitoring.

Booth No.:A66
Product Name:​Off-Grid Inverter
Product Information:Wide Applicability-Pure Sine Wave.
High Efficiency-Conversion efficiency up to 98%.
High DC Voltage-Rated 360Vdc input, reducing system loss.
Uninterruptable Energy Supply-Built-in ATS.
Act ive SafetyShort circuit / Overload / Over temperature Protection.

Ornamental Fish

Booth No.:D66
Product Name:Hippocampus reidi
Product Information:The most popular is Hippocampus reidi, cause of they has a variety colors, like the black to yellow , red or orange. Reidi can make your tank to be colorful and fun.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Glass Frogs and Poison Dart Frogs
Product Information:Glass frogs and poison dart frogs are  inhabiting from Central and South America. After design, through species and overall layout planning, species can be observed their behavier all day around. Such as their habits, eating, courting, eating, courting, and breeding of close-range frogs at home. 

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Neocaridina heteropoda var.
Product Information:Fire Red Shrimp is a species breeds from the Red Cherry Shrimp, Bloody Mary is also one of the streams. As long as the temperature is kept between 24-26°C, pH of 6-7 and GH 8-12, it is not hard to keep. The high GH can increase the calcium and magnesium of the shell after shelling. Therefore, if the GH and pH either too high or too low, it creates threat to the shrimps.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Caridina cantonensis sp.
Product Information:Cristal Res Shrimp is a selective breeding of bee shrimp. The pattern between red and white is very special which gives it a high ornamental value. Comparing with keeping fish, it needs extra care for its water parameter and temperature. The keeping condition: pH6~6.8, GH 2~5, KH < 2, temperature 20~26°C. Only the stable environment can cultivate beautiful color.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Cyphotilapia frontosa
Product Information:Cyphotilapia frontosa is a highly notified species of Tanganyika lake, Africa. Depends on the regions it comes from, it has different characteristic and names. It is physique strong, so it is okay to be kept in the large tank. So, in the stable environment, it has the chance to breed by itself. The male fish has an obvious lump on the forehead. With its cool appearance and the contrast of stripe pattern, it is a very popular species within the cichlid keepers.
The keeping condition: temperature 24-26°C, slightly alkaline water, omnivorous.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Placidochromis sp. "Phenochilus Tanzania"
Product Information:Placidochromis sp.''Phinochilus Tanzania'' is one of the representative species for the Haplochromines. The larva has iron gray color, but as it grows the color will transfer into royal blue. As time goes, the silver-white spot will grow and eventually spread across the hole body. The royal blue color base with silver-white spot sparking on top has increase its ornamental value. However, it is not suitable for keeping with other species. This will build up its stress level which will leads to fading color.
The parent fish in the photo is the one we have kept for three-years.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Heros severus
Product Information:Heros severus is originated from Guyana and Amazonas river area. It needs slightly acidic water environment. Its gentle personality makes it a good choice to keep with other species. However, it should not be disturbed when it’s raising larvae. Otherwise it will become aggressive and attacking behavior. Its reddish orange appearance also makes it very popular within the domestic market.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Oranda
Product Information:Oranda is a very common breed species of goldfish can be seen in the market, characterized by a prominent bubble-like "hood" on the head, which is called “the headgrowth or hood (also known as wen or crown). Especially the parent fish, sometime the “hood” can even cover up their eyes. Therefor it relies on olfactory for predation. As the “hood” grows bigger the price is higher. But it still needs a chubby belly and big tail to prevent it from swimming upside-down. It has a short-body with colorful colors. Furthermore, with ample illumination can strengthen its color and elements for growth. On the other hand, without enough illumination the body color will become dull. When it swims, the fins and tail spread out just like a lady dancing in a silk dress. 
Oranda has a very strong vitality which makes it very easy to keep. Even though it prefers to live in a slightly alkaline water, pH7.2~7.5, with temperature between 20~24℃, it still can survive in the temperature 10~30℃. Most importantly, it eats everything. Which makes it a good start for the beginner.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Coral
Product Information:Zoanthidea which is also known as sea anemones colony. However, they have very different habitat. Zoanthidea lives together and grow together. Only very few of the species can survive along like the sea anemones. It has a soft texture different than hard and soft corals. It is quite often to have partials attached on Zoanthidea, such as sand, so you can feel the roughness when toughing. 
About its structure, Zoanthidea has sucker at the bottom which can help it to stuck on the rock tightly while holding itself upright. Its polyps can grab the food from the water, such as other tiny organisms. So, when the environment become not suitable for living, it will absorb the water and form into a ball shape. Then float to search for another better living place. It breeds by budding reproduction which is not common in the biological world. You can find it almost everywhere in the world.

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Product Name:Amphiprion ocellaris Cuvier
Product Information:Ocellaris Clown fish lives in the 50-meter-deep clear water with ample illumination. They have gentle personality and love to play with sea anemones. Their interaction with sea anemones is much more common than other clown fish. They help sea anemones to remove the object on it such as worms or dead tissue as food. On the other hand, sea anemones provide protections for the clown fish. Therefore, they are in a symbiosis relationship.
Ocellaris Clown has a very interesting community behavior. The biggest fish in the tribe is the female and the second biggest fish is the male. Other small fishes’ gender is undefined. When the female fish (the biggest one) dies, the male fish (second biggest) will become female. The biggest one of the small fish will become the new male fish of the tribe. It can grow up to 18cm.

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Product Name:Danio margaritatus&Melanotaenia boesemani
Product Information:

Danio margaritatus has a deep blue base color and sprinkle of golden spot on top makes it looks like a starry sky. The red flashes in the dorsal and anal fin gives a strong contrast with its body color. Even though it has a very attractive appearance, they are very shy. So, if you are going to keep with other fish, please give them some objects to hide.  

In the early stages, Melanotaenia boesemani was described as “like the real rainbow that no other fish can be compared”. Therefore, the name “Rainbow fish” is given for it’s stunning color. It has a unique shape of body and fin as well as the gorgeous color. Even though, it looks like a delicate fish that need extra care, it is very handy to keep.
Can grow up to 10cm. The most impressive appearance is the difference of body color, in front and the back, and it will be more obvious as the fish getting maturity.

Booth No.:B79
Product Name:Ambystoma mexicanum
Product Information:Ambystoma mexicanum, which is also known as Mexican walking fish. It is endemic species of Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco , middle of Mexico. It belongs to aquatic amphibian group. And it is famous for its neoteny appearance which means they don’t undergo metamorphosis as it grows. Moreover, its extraordinary recovery capability is very stand out to the scientist. The wound does not form scab to recover, but to regrow the parts. This characteristic has made it a very valuable research subject. Now it is listed on the CITES II.

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Product Name:Symphysodon aequifasciatus
Product Information:Symphysodon aequifasciatus can grow up to 18cm. Its ventral and dorsal fin gives it a more roundy appearance. The actual body forms into a diamond shape. It has eight reddish brown strips across its body. Their body color can be either cobalt blue, deep green, or brown. Their color will change when the different amount of light exposure. The brighter it is, it’s more colorful. Due to its appearance characteristic, the king of tropical fish title is awarded to it. 
Compare to other tropical fish, it is harder to keep. It needs larger tank with the temperature of 28°C and slightly acidic water.


Water Qaulity Inspection & Diagnostic Tools

Booth No.:A22
Product Name:SLA-D14800
Product Information:SLA-D14800 extracts nucleic acid from plant tissue, animal tissue, rice, and blood automatically.
The reserchers can identify germplasm, detect virus infection, and analyze GMO upon extracted DNA. 

Booth No.:A22
Product Name:Maelstrom 8 Autostage
Product Information:Maelstrom 8 Autostage extracts nucleic acid from plant tissue, animal tissue, rice, and blood automatically.
The reserchers can identify germplasm, detect virus infection, and analyze GMO upon extracted DNA. 

Booth No.:A22
Product Name:
Product Information:TANBead nucleic acid extraction kits can be applied on TANBead's nucleic acid extractor for extracing DNA/RNA from plant tissue, animal tissue, rice or blood. The reserchers can identify germplasm, detect virus infection, and analyze GMO upon extracted DNA. 

Booth No.:F67
Product Name:Quantitative Nucleic Acid Detection Kits for major pathogen
Product Information:High-sensitivity and high-specificity WSSV, AHPND and EHP nucleic acid quantitative detection kits for laboratory use.
Extremely High sensitivity – detection limitation up to 10 copies. 
Quick results - test results available within 90 minutes.
High throughput – well-established platform for high throughput screening.


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:WSSV RP Rapid Test Kit
Product Information:The detection of virus is key in good field management. Innocreate Bioscience WSSV RP Rapid Test Kit provides shrimp farmers with a highly efficient and effective tool to assess risk of virus infection without additional instruments and professional training.
Rapid detection - test results available within 15 minutes . 
Easy to use – no other consumables, equipment and professional training required. 
High sensitivity – low copy number of virus can be detected.


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:MF-PES
Product Information:

Our MF-PES hollow fiber membrane is made from polyethersulfone polymer. Using our unique manufacturing process, we build multifunctional properties or layers into the pore structure of the membrane. It is important to point out that these layers are created with one manufacturing step. MF-PES hollow fiber membrane is available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04 to 0.4 µm to meet the requirements of many different specific applications. The highly asymmetric pore structure of our MF-PES hollow fiber membrane offers a high dirt loading capacity, increasing the filtration performance to give higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes. 

1. high flow rate
2. high dirt loading capacity
3. highly asymmetric pore structure


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:MF-NYLON
Product Information:

Our MF-NYLON hollow fiber membrane is made from poly amide polymer. Using our unique manufacturing process, we build multifunctional properties or layers into the pore structure of the membrane. It is important to point out that these layers are created with one manufacturing step. MF-NYLON hollow fiber membrane is available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04 to 0.2 µm to meet the requirements of many different specific applications. The highly asymmetric pore structure of our MF-NYLON hollow fiber membrane offers a high dirt loading capacity, increasing the filtration performance to give higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes. 

1. high flow rate
2. high dirt loading capacity
3. highly asymmetric pore structure


Booth No.:F67
Product Name:MF-PVDF
Product Information:

Our MF-PVDF hollow fiber membrane is made from poly vinylidene fluoride polymer. Using our unique manufacturing process, we build multifunctional properties or layers into the pore structure of the membrane. It is important to point out that these layers are created with one manufacturing step. MF-PVDF hollow fiber membrane is available in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.04 to 0.2 µm to meet the requirements of many different specific applications. The highly asymmetric pore structure of our MF-PVDF hollow fiber membrane offers a high dirt loading capacity, increasing the filtration performance to give higher throughputs and higher flow rates than symmetrical membranes. 

1. high flow rate
2. high dirt loading capacity
3. highly asymmetric pore structure


Booth No.:F67
Product Information:Membrane technology plays an important role over a broad range of separation processes due to energy saving, easy to operate, simple unit operation module, low maintenance cost, etc. Recently, water recycling and reuse have become an issue that attracts global attention. Making fresh water from sea water appears to be an attractive route that merits exploration. In fact, sea water desalination by membrane distillation method has been a subject of extensive research over the past decade. Until now, developing porous hydrophobic membranes for distillation process is still of great interest both to industry and academia. Membrane distillation process to separate sodium chloride from water was carried out on MF-PVDF membranes. The DCMD setup for our system, as shown schematically in Figure, consists of three key parts: the cold water loop, the hot water loop, and the membrane modules. In the hot water loop flows the feed solution, which is composed of sea water. Temperature of the feed was controlled at a constant value of 30, 40, or 50°C by an external thermostat. In the cold water loop, distilled water at 20°C was circulated to condense and carry away the permeated vapor. In each loop, a large reservoir was installed to ensure steady concentration and temperature being maintained during operation. The hollow fiber membrane module comprises two compartments, donor and receptor. The PVDF hollow fiber membrane to be used was tightly held between these two compartments. 


Booth No.:H37
Product Name:Fiber filter 
Product Information:Fiber filter uses fiber bundles as its filtering material, which is suspended with specific density in the filter. These fiber bundles can be formed into a loose and easily-washed deep-bed-filtration material. In the filter, a density adjustment device is designed to change the fiber density by the hydraulic power of inlet water, so the fiber bundle will become denser as the water passes through, and consequently helps achieve excellent filtration accuracy.
        During the cleaning process, fiber bundles will be released by the hydraulic power and then scrubbed by the air-water in order to obtain complete regeneration. This kind of regenerating process can avoid the shortcomings such as un-uniform washing and the damage of filtering material caused by mechanical stirring.

Booth No.:H37
Product Name: Cooling water system
Product Information:※Physical Property environmental protection energy saving technology products 
※Zero dosing chemical substitute for traditional dosing chemical way
※Achieve the goal of green environmental protection energy saving 
※Cooled discharge water non chemical pollution
※Suitable for Water Cooling Recycling Systems. 
※Removal & anti-scaling in heat exchangers
※Radiating material to curb pipelines corrosion
※Eliminate deposition in systems 
※Inhibition of Microorganism growth
※Effective Saving the electricity expense of above 10%  
※Reduce the turbidity in the cooling water  
※Increase the re-use of cooling water recycle to attain the goal of energy conservation                     
※Removal the suspended solid and corrosion substance in the water 
※Effectively remove and prevent scaling thus save electricity
※Don't need acid pickling to remove the scale in the Heat exchanger 
※Acid pickling is no more required in removed scale in the hot exchanger
※Eliminates microorganism and moss breeding
※Don't need to clean the scale falling off in cooling fin
※Eliminate slit and bubbles in the cooling water plate
※Enhance heat exchanging efficient and save energy
※Lengthen cooling systems service life
※Reduce maintenance and stoppage
※No chemical pollution problem

Booth No.:H37
Product Name:Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) 
Product Information:Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is an effective process used for the separation of suspended solids, oils and greases, and other insoluble impurities from water.  In the process, pressurized water is saturated with dissolved air and is discharged into a flotation vessel.  The microscopic air bubbles is attach to solids and float them to the surface, forming a sludge blanket.  A scraping assembly skims the sludge off the surface of the water and into a sump.  From the sump, sludge is pumped to dewatering equipment.  The treated water flows from the DAF vessel for discharge or an to other treatment processes.
※Efficient dissolved air system.
※Liquid level controlling automatic slagging.
※Specialized and efficient non-clogging releasing system and simple maintenance
※The treatment effect is stable, automatic control which can realize the unattended
※Occupies a small area, high effluent quality, low investment

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Solid-Liquid Separating Machine Series 
Product Information:1. Removing and separating of the suspended solid, floating impurity, sediment of the forepart treatment, to smooth processing flow, reducing the subsequent load and equipment protection. 
2. For the floating matter, solid mater removing and solid-liquid separating of various industrial wasterwater pre-treating stage. 
3. For the engineering drainage and large-size wastewater treatment of municipal sewage , paper & pulp sewage, leather & tannery sewage, food industry sewage, butchery industry sewage, fiber industry sewage, chemical industry sewage…etc.
4. For decreasing the post treating fees and protecting the post-treatment equipment (sludge pump) to avoid clogging by the impurity. 
5. For the filtering, separating and removing of the dregs and particle residue of various industries and food industrial processing.
6. Adopted the wedge wire screen and selected the sieve slots from 0.3 to 5.0mm for the proper application.  

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Belt Press
Product Information:1. Obtained the multiple product patents of Germany / U.S.A. / China / Taiwan. The newest super water saving high pressure(20 kg/cm²)reciprocating type washing system.(Total water consumption is only one-third ~ half of conventional fixed type washing system.)
2. Conditioning / thickening / dehydrating belt presses with optimum design , easy operation and excellent treating result. 
3. The slurry dewatering of the various industrial wastewater, butchery, livestock factories, city sewer, excretion, water purifying …etc.
4. Solid and liquid separation processing for food & beverage, chemical industry, mining industry …etc.
5. The filtrate reusing system for filter belt washing(optional accessory), can effectively save the subsequent return water treatment costs.

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Filter Press
Product Information:1. This small experimental filter press be designed for a small amount of sludge or food, chemical, manufacturing (medicine) drugs, dye (pigment) materials, the recycling industry and other processes used in the experimental tests
2. The water content’s rate of cake:25~75% after treatment and high economic results.
3. The various industrial wastewater, inorganic, mixing sedimentary waste slurry dehydrating treatment.
4. Stone material / construction mud / river, water purification plant, reservoir mud's dehydrating treatment.
5. Food, pharmacy, chemical industry, dye (pigment), ceramics, mining and other related industrial process, solid and liquid separation dehydrating treatment. 

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Multi-Ring Screw Press
Product Information:1. Simple processing, high efficiency in dewatering, low system investment 
2. System can be programmed to make the operation more convenient and accurate. 
3. Unique flocculating agent make sludge dewatering easier. 
4. Uniform and accurate dispensing, saving costs. 
5. Applications: municipal sewage, petro-refining, leather making, printing and dyeing, paper making, welding material, coal beneficiation, biochemical pharmacy, steel pickling, chemicals, sugar making, food and drinks processing…etc. 

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Solid-liquid Separating Extruder for Livestock Manures
Product Information:1. Solid-liquid separating dehydration for pig, cow, chicken, duck manures and other livestock manure. 2. Distillers grains, brewer's grains, soy sauce dregs, fruit dregs, cassava residue, tea leaves dregs, coffee grounds, sugar cane bagasse, herb dregs, sweet potato residue, starch residue, leaves and vegetable market residue materials, fiber materials, raw / cooked food waste, fish processing, sawdust, paper pulp, chemical industry, slaughterhouse wastewater, and other industries solid-liquid separating dehydration.
3. Extrusion processing broken or crushed uncooked or cooked material.
4. Agricultural fibrous, particulate matter and other related dehydration.
5. Dehydration of dregs, fibrous, particulate related substances in a variety of industrial process.

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Sludge Drying Treatment Equipment
Product Information:1. Suitable for the drying treatment of the dewatering industrial sludge (chemical).
2. Reduce sludge volume: 50%, sludge weight: over 60% and reduce disposal cost after drying. 
3. The power consumption of one kilogram dewatering could be 0.3~0.5 kwh, you may make use of daily off-peak tariff to operate this equipment to get high economic benefit. 
4. Closed type circulating, low noise, no dust, no waste water and gas, no secondary pollution. 5. Best organic sludge and inorganic sludge drying reduction system.
6. Drying process for agricultural and livestock products (please contact us).
7. Drying  treatment of medicine, food, chemical and other industries (please contact us).
8. Low temperature dehumidification drying, low energy consumption, no waste water, gas and dust generated.

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Processing Equipment from Kitchen Waste into Organic Fertilizer (Customized Products)
Product Information:1. It can feed the family kitchen, restaurant kitchen waste and rapidly make into organic fertilizer. 
2. It can feed the cattle, pigs, chickens’ manure and rapidly make into organic fertilizer. 
3. It can feed the market waste(leaves, stems, perishable material) and rapidly make into organic fertilizer. 
4. The use of screening(manual type), crushed, adding enzymes & sub-material, screw extrusion dehydration, enzymes pyrolysis, drying & sterilization…processing procedures to achieve fast ripening and get a high economic efficiency. 
5. Continuous process, short enzymes ripening time, efficiency can reach more than 95%. 
6. Made garbage into gold, creating high economic value from the reuse of resources. 
7. Treating capacity(8hr/day): 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 ton/day…etc.(depends on the feature of the waste) 

Booth No.:G38
Product Name:Powder Automatic Dispensing Dissolver
Product Information:1. Specially suitable for municipal wastewater treating plant, industrial wastewater treating factory and industry required the flocculant solution feeding.
2. Extensively applied to sewage dewatering、wastewater treatment and various processing industry (food, chemical, dyeing, papermaking …etc.).
3. Suitable for the powder’s dissolving feeding of the various dry powder, pellet, flocculant and condensing liquid.

Booth No.:C55
Product Name:Ultra Fine bubble Generator 
Product Information:Average bubble diameter 100nm, concentraction 1.5 billions per millilitre. It is applied in Agriculture, Aquaculture & Animal Agriculture field in Japan for years. It is proved to increase output under current farming methods.

Booth No.:C55
Product Name:CNT
Product Information:We provide the most aspect ratio (length 2~3mm, Diameter 10~40nm) CNT to customer to get better Physical and electrical properties in their products. Our CNT products include 1. CNT sheet 2. CNT Yam 3. CNT Flake 4. CNT liquid 5. CNT Array

Aquaculture Biotechnology

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