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ALASKA Pressure Exhaust Fan - Suitable Spaces

Product Model:ITH-10 / ITH-14 / ITH-18

Product introduction

Factory buildings and computer rooms with no air circulation often produce stuffy heat, peculiar smells, and the difficulty of dissipating smoke and dust. This poses a severe challenge to storage, equipment, and personnel. Although the assembled exhaust fans on the market are cheap, they are effective. Relatively cheap.
ALASKA Pressure Exhaust Fan independently developed fuselage structure and air duct design, combined with layered special double force curved fan blades, and high-output special motors, produce powerful, low-noise and large air volume, which can solve the plant at one time , Various annoying problems in the computer room, hot air and polluted dust are exhausted to achieve the best benefits such as space cooling, circulation, and ventilation. This product has been awarded by the three major telecommunications companies in Taiwan. The relevant telecommunications equipment room is adopted, strong verification, and quality.

Product Spec

Suitable to installed at Factory, warehouse, Office, Public Restroom, Logistic Center, Commercial kitchen.

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