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ALASKA Industrial High Velocity Fan 14" series - Specifications

Product Model:ITA-14G1 / ITA-14G3 / ITA-14L / ITA-14AS

Product introduction

Industrial High Velocity Fan can easily and quietly transmit airflow up to 70 meters.
Depending on the purpose, you can adjust it accodingly.
The fan prevents the surrounding air from being stuffy and hot, it maintains good circulation throughout the year and the fresh air makes the surrounding environment comfortable.

Product Spec

● Hanging type / for Agriculture and Farm Industries / floor type (with wheels)
● Equipped with 1∅ and 3∅ 220V models, 1∅ 110V models
● Patented Design of the surround suction, extended the air suction area.
● Swirl shaped cover maintain the air volume to be focused, and provide the fan with ultra-distance transmission over 50 meters.
● Special aerodynamically blades design optimized the air distribution with low noise level
● 14G models use SUS304 stainless steel bracket, good weather resistance, motor waterproof and dustproof, easy to clean
● Multiple units can be configured to form a complete ventilation system
● Adjustable installation method

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Ventilation system & equipment、Smart Agriculture Solution、Greenhouse equipment & technology


Aquaculture farming equipment、Environmental control & monitoring


Environmental Control system、Facilities with Animal Welfare、Farmland Design and engineering

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