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ALASKA Industrial High Velocity Fan - Feature Description part2

Product Model:ITA-20G1 / ITA-20G3 / ITA-14G1 / ITA-14G3 / ITA-14L / ITA-14AS / ITA-10G1 / ITA-10L / ITA-10AS

Product introduction

Expediting the circulation in agriculture and livestock to increase growth yield

Product Spec

Feature Description - Long-range transmission
for the 20” model as an example, the wind speed is 0.3m/s as far as 70m, and the noise value is only 63dBA.
** The wind distribution and distance are measured in the gym, which is windless environment.
** The actual value varies depending on the installation method or usage
The hanging type can be flexibly configured with five installation methods according to the needs of various places.
(Applicable to ITA-10G1, ITA-10L, ITA14G1, ITA14G3, ITA-14L, ITA20G1, ITA20G3)
Feature Description - Suitable for various places
** Installation accessories are optional, recommended to use galvanized or stainless steel.
** Install the power cable downward to prevent water or mist infiltration to the Machinery, it will cause the motor to malfunction if water infiltrates into the motor.

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Ventilation system & equipment、Smart Agriculture Solution、Greenhouse equipment & technology


Aquaculture farming equipment、Environmental control & monitoring


Environmental Control system、Facilities with Animal Welfare、Farmland Design and engineering

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